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Cupro Nickle Tubes

Cupro Nickel Tubes 95/5 & 90/10 Marine Application

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Cupro Nickel Tubes

These Cupro Nickel tube & pipe for marine application are very important for all Industrial fields. The company has experience in these areas and is able to supply these tubes in accordance with most international standards and special customer requirements.

Chemical Composition
Class Chemical Composition (%) Related Standards
Cu Zn Pb Fe P Sn Ni Mn Al As Other ISS KS JIS ASTM BS DIN
Cu-Ni Tube 1 rem. 1.00 max 0.05 max 1.3-1.7 - - 4.8-6.2 0.3-0.8 - - IS:15
D 5301 C7040 CuNi
95 5
B 111
2 rem. 1.00 max 0.05 max 1.0-1.8 - - 9.0-11.0 1.0-max - - IS:15
45 CuNi
C 7060 CuNi
C 7060
CN102 CuNi

Mechanical Properties
Temper Designation Cu Alloy
Tensile Test
Outside diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Tensile Strength Kgf/mm2 Elongation (%) Yield Strength (kg/mm2)
Copper Nickel Tube 061 Annealed C70400 5-250mm 0.8-10 27(260) 9(85)
H55 Light Drawn C70400 5-250mm 0.8-10 28(275) - 21(205)
061 Annealed C70600 5-250mm 0.8-10 28(275) - 11(105)
H55 Light Drawn C70600 5-250mm 0.8-10 32(310) - 25(240)
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Cupro Nickel Tubes 90/10 for Heat Exchangers & Condensers

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Cupro Nickel Tubes for Heat Exchangers & Condensers

These Cupro Nickel tubes & pipes for Heat Exchangers & Condensers are very important for all Industrial fields. The company has experience in these areas and is able to supply these tubes in accordance with most international standards and special customer requirements.
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Cupro Nickel Tubes 90/10 for Automobile Industry

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Cupro Nickel Tubes for Automobile Industry

The Move To Copper-Nickel Tubing
Copper had been proved since the early days to have many good attributes. It was easy to bend and had very high corrosion resistance, but there was concern about its low corrosion-fatigue strength. When copper-nickel was introduced, it displayed corrosion resistance similar to copper, higher general strength and better fatigue strength. Good formability allows ease of flaring and bending, and although the metal cost is greater than that of steel alternatives, copper-nickel is very attractive in view of its extra life, trouble-free installation and safety/reliability characteristics.

Properties of Copper-Nickel Brake Tubing
The copper-nickel alloy used for brake tubing typically contains 10% nickel, with iron and manganese additions of 1.4% and 0.8% respectively. The product conforms to ASTM B466 (American Society for Testing and Materials), which specifies dimensions, tensile strength and yield strength. Formability and internal cleanliness conform to specifications SAE J527, ASTM A254 and SMMT C5B (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders). Also, the alloy meets the requirements for pressure containment, fabrication and corrosion resistance for ISO 4038 (International Standards Organization) and SAE J1047.

The mechanical properties of alloy C70600 in comparison with steel and copper are shown in

Dimension Tolerance
Material Ultimate Tensile Strength1000 psi (MPa) Yield Strength 0.5% Ext.under Load 1000 psi (MPa) YElongation % in 2 in. Fatigue Strength (10x7 cycles) 1000 psi (MPa) Burst Pressure* 1000 psi (MPa)
Copper-brazed Steel 48-55 (0.330-0.380) 28-34 (0.190-0.235) 30-40 30 (
C12200-Phosphorus deoxidized Copper 32-38 (0.220-0.265) 10-14 (0.070-0.100) 45-60 10
12 (
C70600-Copper Nickel 90-10 48-54 (0.330-0.370) 16-22 (0.110-0.150) 40-55 15
19 (

Alloy C70600 is normally supplied as redrawn tubing in the annealed condition. The combination of strength and good ductility give excellent formability.

As copper-nickel is softer than steel, it was first feared that fretting might be a problem. Experience has shown this is not the case.

Corrosion Resistance
For many years prior to its application as a brake tubing material, alloy C70600 had been used in ships, power station condensers and hydraulic lines on tankers, and had displayed excellent resistance to saline conditions. Early tests revealed that copper-nickel has almost the same resistance to burst pressure as steel. In testing, however, when exposed to salt spray over 180 days, steel's burst strength decreases significantly. The copper alloy remains consistently resistant. For tubes covered with a moist, salty mudpack for six months, brazed steel was severely corroded resulting in perforation of the tubing wall; whereas, only superficial general corrosion was found on the copper-nickel tubing. ISO 4038 and SAE J1047 include a corrosion resistance requirement referring to ISO 3768 asking for a minimum burst pressure of 110 MPa after 96 hours in neutral salt spray. Swedish requirements include a resistance at least equal to 25µ of zinc. In all cases alloy C70600 easily exceeds the required corrosion resistance.

Copper-nickel brake tubing provides superior reliability and assures both manufacturers and vehicle owners improved durability for effective long-life functioning of the brake system.
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Copper Alloy Fin Tubes

Copper Fin Tube & Copper Alloy Fin Tube

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Copper Fin Tube & Copper Alloy Fin Tube

We also manufacture Fin Tubes that includes copper fin tube and copper alloy fin tube, these in comparison to plain tubes increases the surface area of the tube and improves the heat transfer efficiency. We have the skill & necessary knowhow for the production of integrated fin tubes & can manufacture the same as per your requirements.

Met - Gem Fined Tubes

Met - Gem Type 1.
a) S/T is an integral extended surface tube having helical fins (19,26,40 on the outside & designed primarily for Shell & Tube Heat exchanger application, to increase efficiency & reduce cost.

b) Duplex Type S/T Trufin: This is available in a variety of combinations like (Copper finned tube over a steel liner, Admiralty finned tube over cupro-nickel liner, Aluminum finned tube over an admiralty liner etc.

Met - Gem Type 2
a) S/T Turbo-Chill : Is an integral extended surface tube having helical fins (19,26,40) on the outside & integral helical ridges on the inside to improve turbulation, thus giving more balance outside to inside coefficient ratio & designed for shell & tube heat exchanger application such as boiling & condensing of hydrocarbons.

Met - Gem Type 3
a) H/F Trufin : Is an integral extended surface tube having helical fins on the outside & designed primarily for application, which require a high outside to inside surface area ratio such as heating or cooling gases.

Met - Gem Type 4
a) L/C Turfin : Is a bimetallic extended surface tube with high integral fins, for light weight & economy, finned on prime surface or liner tube chosen for resistance to a specific corrosion environment. It has a high outside to inside surface area ratio for heating or cooling gases. L/C Turfin is available in any combinations & in four types spirally wounded fin tubes : 1) Plain type, 2) Crimped type, 3) 'L' type, 4) Wire wounded

Finned Tubes -Intergroove Integrally Finned Tubes
No. of starts Triple start
No. of fins/ inch 19 & 26
Type of fin Low & high
Placement of fins OD or ID or OD ID
Dia 19.05mm & 15.77mm
Wall 16SWG, 17SWG, 17.5SWG & 18SWG
Length 6 MTRS
Lands As per customer needs

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Copper Fittings

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Copper Fittings

Horizon Mercantile offers its customers an astonishing range of copper fittings which provide an economic and efficient method of changing directions in a wide spectrum of domestic and commercial applications ranging from air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, fluid distribution, air pressure lines and plumbing etc. Fittings manufactured by us have no rough surfaces, present a neat appearance, heat more rapidly and provide better flexibility to the installer to install and join the copper tube at appropriate place.

We manufacture copper fittings in a variety of standard sizes between 6.00 mm and 38.00 mm. The sizes are measured inside diameter (I. D). The most commonly used copper fittings manufactured by Horizon Mercantile are grouped as under.
  • Elbows - Used to change the direction of the pipe and have a close radius to fit in the tightest possible space. The most commonly used elbows are 90 and 45 radius elbow. many other varieties are available for specific requirements.
  • U Bends - Used to accommodate the return flow of the coolant and provides a 180 turn in a much smaller space. we manufacture both expanded as well as plain u-bends for condensers and evaporators.
  • Couplings - Used to connect two identical size tube together. The coupling used to connect two pipes of different diameter is called a reducing coupling.
  • Tee - Tee is a fitting in the shape of a 'T' where the top of it is the continuous pipe run and the vertical section is a branch connected to it . This shape of fittings offers the most varieties than any other type.
  1. It may be a reducing Tee when one end of the section is of smaller diameter that means unlike a standard Tee the reducing Tee do not have equally sized parts.
  2. It may be a cross Tee when it is used to connect four tubes or a threaded Tee when the vertical section of it has female threads.
Horizon Mercantile offers you a complete line of copper fittings for plumbing available in sizes 15mm,22mm and 42 mm.
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